Visit Isla Mujeres
Isla Mujeres and the Godess Ixchel

The Goddess Ixchel

Name glyph of Ix Chel including the prefix 'red', Dresden Codex.The name Ixchel was in use in 16th-century Yucatan and in the Baja Verapaz. Its meaning is not certain. Assuming that the name originated in Yucatan, chel could mean ‘rainbow’.
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Isla Mujeres Mexico

Welcome to Isla Mujeres

Explore the Undersea Beauty of this Family-Friendly Getaway.
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Getting around Isla Mujeres

Getting Around the Island – Golf Carts, Scooters, and Bicycles

When exploring Isla Mujeres, there are several transportation options that can add an element of excitement to your getaway.
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Isla Mujeres MX

Hidden Dangers – Below the Sea & On Land

Appreciate the island's wildlife with a healthy dose of caution-familiarize yourself with these common threats to ensure your safety.
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Isla Mujeres Playa Norte Beach

Beautiful Beaches on the Island of Women

The simple comforts of Isla Mujeres offer a wonderful opportunity for visitors to relax or engage in a wide variety of activities.
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Isla Mujeres Attire

What to Wear on the Island

Although a popular tourist destination for visitors around the world, Isla Mujeres retains a Mexican culture and certain expectations for attire. Understanding the local style traditions and preparing accordingly will help guarantee an enjoyable visit.
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